175th Jubilee of St Patrick’s School and Parish

                                                                      175th Jubilee                                                               

On Friday I didn’t come to school because I was at my uncle’s house and we slept in. I am sad I missed the St Patrick’s Day celebration at school. I did come to the Sunday celebration at Mass with my siblings.

After mass we went to the hall to share a Maori dance for all of the people who always come to St Patrick’s church and the priests. We were singing and dancing, then the Tongan boys were dancing, then the Samoan people were doing their dance. My favorite part of the St Patrick’s celebration was doing the Maori dance. I hope they include all of the popes in the next time capsule for people in 25 years time to see who they were and also to check if we are still following Jesus.


Making a person with shapes

Today this morning Mrs Grant came to teach us how to use shapes to make people and I made this person. This is how to make a person. We had to go on shapes, then pick a happy face, then get a square and then put it down for the body. Then  press the lines to make the legs and then do little circles for the shoes. It was a bit tricky to do it but it’s very easy for me. Then I added a Tongan flag because that is my culture. Here is my Person and my Tongan flag.


Learning shortcuts with Mrs Grant.

Today this morning Mrs Grant came to Room 6 to teach us some shortcuts on our chrome books. First she taught us how to use the touch pad properly and second  she taught us how to move things around. First put one finger on the  touch pad and drag your other finger across the pad.  You can move things. My favorite parts of the short cuts was the touch pad.

Kia ora! My name is Paula

Kia ora! My name is Paula, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in Year 4 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. My favourite subject is maths and writing and I enjoy learning about the life of Jesus.  I am good at rugby.  My goal for this year is to do more reading. In my spare time I like to play with my hands and playing soccer with my brothers.

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