Swimming Lessons.

This year we had swimming lessons. The boys were separated from the girls. The boys went first and the girls went at the end of the day. We just waited patiently for the bus to pick us up each day. The first lesson was calling help when you are going to drown in the sea. We had to put one hand up, then swim with our legs kicking and one hand.

In the second lesson we were learning how to float on our backs and our front. We had to hold on a board then float on our back and then we had to move our hands to swim fast while we were floating. The third lesson we were swimming on boards to balance us from swimming and we had to hold on at the top of the board, then kick as fast as we can. Fourth lesson we were learning how to kick with our feet and we had to straighten our feet, then kick as fast as we can. The last part we were diving, jumping, doing a bomb in the pool. I did a bomb and it was big. Then the girls came and we were finished.



How to make a Matariki star:

These are the instructions.

First, cut around the outside of your cardboard circle. Cut 1.5cms, equal distance apart all the way around the circle. Slide the wool into the first slit, leaving a tail on the other side. Begin making your way around the shape, passing through each slit several times. Use a second colour of wool and wind around the slits again to make a different pattern.

Matariki is the Maori New Year in New Zealand. We had our first public holiday for Matariki on the 14th July. We were still on holiday. Last week at school we learned about Tawhiririmatea, who was one of Ranginui and Papatuanuku’s sons, and he is also the god of wind. He got angry when his brothers wanted to separate his parents so he pulled out his eyes and threw them up into the Milky Way. Now he blows lots of wind around New Zealand.

Wa using descriptive language to describe characters:

I am a gentle man. I am alone. I hide away from people. I do not want to be spotted by people who are near. I am a lonely man because my wife died. I want to be alone now because I have a son to look after. We love the quiet life.


I am………….Hideaway Tom

My Future footprint

Today Mrs Grant was talking about a future footprint. We had to make a future footprint. We had to think about things we were going to do in 10 years. I was going to travel to each Pacific Island I was thinking of going to Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, America Samoa, Cook Islands and Philippines. What inspired you to travel the world?




How to send a good email.

Today Mrs Grant came to room 6 to teach us how to send a good email. First we had to show a specific email and we had to share the email to the person we were going to send to. We have to be careful what we write about. Thirdly we had to go on email and press compose at the left side then write a good message to your friends, family or teachers. In the end we must always proofread to make sure it is correct.

Characterisation of Hideaway Tom

I am a gentle man. I am single and to others it seems that I hide away from people. I do not want to be spotted or talk to people all the time. I am a lonely man because my wife died. I enjoy my own company but I also have a son to look after too. We love the quiet life. I miss my wife so much and I love my son so much. We are happy where we are. I am………Hideaway Tom



Our Ki O Rahi tournament.

Yesterday we had a ki o rahi  tournament. First we had to change into our colors of PE clothes. Then we had to get into our houses and I am in TOTARA. It is yellow. We were versing all of the colors. Rata is red, Kauri is green and Rimu is blue. I was playing the 2nd or 3rd game. We were playing against Rimu. At the start of the game I snatched the tags off the players. I dived and took the tags off  lots of them. I was muddy when I ran to the circle and threw the ball at the tupu. I scored and I was proud of myself. The couch said it was half time.

In the 2nd half we were running with the ball and I ran with it. Then one of the people from the Rimu team ripped off my tag. We had 5 seconds to throw the ball to a teammate. I was so happy because they kept throwing the ball to me but then they kept taking my tag off. I was upset with that but I was still very happy. A big boy named Jacob kept scoring and he made our team win and I was still happy. Then we had to go to the canopy when it was finished. We had to thank the couch for teaching us Ki O Rahi and we were so happy they were here reffing for us.