Comparing and contrasting Tortoises and Turtles.

Tortoises and turtles look similar but they are quite different. Turtles have big flippers and tortoises have toes and claws. They are both slow eaters and they are herbivores.Tortoises have a longer lifespan than turtles because they live for 100-150 years while turtles live for 20-30 years. They both lay eggs on land and they also have tails  but they are small. Turtles have thin shells however tortoises have thick shells.Turtles have wavy patterns while tortoises have dotted patterns on the shells.

Our Wearable Waste Fashion show

This week on Tuesday afternoon Room 6 and Room 7 had an idea from Bell and Mrs Agnew thought that we should make an outfit out of recycled materials. Mr Bell and Mrs Agnew found some recycled material in the art shed and we also brought some from home.

We had heaps of cardboard, cardboard pipes, boxes, plastic, newspaper and other things. The next day we were creating outfits. I was going to be an astronaut but I chose to be a knight because there was an army of knights in Room 7. I started off with a cardboard box.

I cut a hole in the cardboard box and I put my head in it and it looked like armour and I kept it as a chestplate. On Wednesday I thought of an idea of making an axe, sword or a hook for my weapon. I chose a hook. I got a spare cardboard box and cut it like a hook.

On Thursday it was the day for our fashion show. Room 6 walked to room 7 and waited for the whole school to come. There was an entrance to Room 7 that we could walk in.The animals went first and after their turn I had to go up with my partner Theo and I was a little bit nervous.

 When I walked in they were screaming very loud. I was walking calmly and went out of the room when I finished and I was surprised. My ears were ringing because of their screaming. I wanted to go again and we had a chance to go again. I was happy.                                                                               

the Young Ocean Explorers learning we have been doing this term with Mr Bell and Mrs Agnew was exhausting and fun.



Littering devastates our Oceans.

Littering is a bad thing to do and we should NEVER let it happen around us. When rubbish gets thrown away it gets sucked into drains and flows down to the ocean where sea plants and animals live. Rubbish and the sea are not friends.

Litter is bad for the ocean because if a sea animal like a turtle eats a plastic lid the turtle might choke and die. I saw a turtle wrapped around with plastic and it couldn’t grow. Its body was deformed.This is very sad.

I saw plastic bottles flowing around at Anchor Bay beach once and I saw people picking up the plastic bottles. My family and I helped the people. There were big bins that we put the rubbish into. This is what all communities should do but if no one littered then others wouldn’t have to pick up our rubbish!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 1.6 million square kilometres big. It is the largest amount of litter in the world. If we were to clear up the rubbish from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch scientists think it would take 1-2 years of non-stop cleaning.

I hope you have learned to not litter. I am trying my best to not litter and to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and to Refuse to use ‘one use’ cups and plastic. If we all did this everyday, imagine how clean and healthy our environment would be.


Our Sailing Day

Last Thursday it was a beautiful sunny day to go sailing. Room 7 and Room 6 marched down to Panmure Basin to practise sailing. We walked there for 5 minutes and everyone was tired except for Geo, Kava, Me and Jaeden. Once we were there there was a lady, Steph, who taught us how to sail. Steph had two partners that helped us if we were in trouble.

Room 7 went sailing first and Room 6 was on land. There were activities on land that were fun to learn about. I wanted to go on the boat first but we just had to wait patiently for Room 7 to finish their turn.

We learned about pulleys and knots.The first activity was to put sand in a bag. It was 4 kg we tied a pulley to the bag and tied it to a knot and we had to try and pull it. 

After 1 and a half hours it was our turn to go sailing. I was sailing with my friend Kava. We were bad at the start but when we kept trying we got better at sailing. Me and my other friend swapped boats. Steph asked me if I wanted to sail by myself and I said yes. I was afraid the first few minutes because I had to do two jobs at a time.

For a few minutes I was feeling proud of myself because I learnt something new. I was exuberant. I was sailing fast and I almost lost control. My other friends needed some help and I helped them.

They announced the best sailor of the day and they picked me because I was sailing by myself very well.

It was time to go back to school.I was happy when we came back from sailing because I was exhausted.It was an enjoyable experience.

Sailing was fun.I had a very exuberant day.I was sad because i wanted to go back to sailing but i hope we go sailing again.




Today Mrs Agnew told us to choose a symbol of advent. We could draw a Jesse tree or Advent Wreath. I have made a Jesse tree and my friend did a candle. The Jesse tree reminds us of Jesus’ family and all the people who came before him.


My Superhero

Yesterday we had to make a Superhero for our first Summer Learning Journey Taster. First we had to think of what we are going to draw. I drew a hero from Tonga that has saved many lives in Tonga and Samoa. I have made a history about him. His name is Ofa Kiloma who he is strong, wise and smart.


Real or fake

Today we were learning to test your powers of observation and to think for yourself. We tested our self to think and be smart with our answers. I thought this was Photoshop but it was real.I  thought it was Photoshop because squirrels cant hold 10 pounds. It was confusing when i pressed Photoshop because it looked Photoshop.